Written in stone - A look at some of the men buried at Fort McPherson National Cemetery

Telling the stories of Fort McPherson - Part two: A look at more of Fort McPherson's burials 

Searching for a hero - An Iowa woman searches for the man who saved her life in 1992; a local reporter tracks them down

Reunited with her hero - Follow up: An Iowa woman meets the man who saved her life at his home in Pennsylvania 

Murderer to find home in Nebraska penitentiary - Duane Earl Pope, a bank robber, is transferred from Leavenworth to a Nebraska prison to serve the remainder of his sentence

From ground zero - A local ER doctor talks about being a first responder during recovery efforts at Ground Zero. 

Shock, then joy for new parents - She didn't know she was pregnant. On top of the surprise baby, there was a blizzard that made it almost impossible for a doctor to get to the ER. 

Life after Miss America - Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan talks about how taking the title as a teenager changed the trajectory of her life.

He'll wobble his way into your heart - A kitten born with wobbly cat syndrome searches for a forever home

Town Hall Lecture Series 

Too serious to be taking seriously - Vicki Lawrence talks comedy, Carol Burnett and wanting to be a dental hygienist. 

Presenter assesses threat overseas; on U.S. Soil - Peter Bergen talks about working in war zones, where the real threat may lie and whether we should be freaked out.

Lunden shares story of triumph - Joan Lunden talks about coming to terms with cancer and what women need to know to stay healthy.

Educator leads teen team to "unbelievable" success - Fredi Lajvardi never would have guess his students would create the winning robot and he definitely didn't think George Lopez would play him in a movie.

Man reminds America about the importance of infrastructure - Let's be honest. Most people don't really think about the road until it's closed or full of pot holes. Dan McNichol is passionate about them, though. 

Fifty-seven countries: Lecturer discusses travel - Dean Jacobs quit a cushy job at Pfizer to travel the world and he's never looked back. 

News Coverage

Loved ones remember woman killed in wreck - She loved Law and Order, crazy hair colors and her son

Three lives, irreplaceable - Family and friends talk about three former residents who were killed in a tourist helicopter crash


A new way of life - A North Platte woman loses 201 pounds through diet and exercise

It's a weighty subject - A look at bariatric surgery and how one local woman benefited

Love story - A local girl suffers from a rare disorder that leaves her feeling hungry all the time

'Lil Harley' still beating the odds - A baby born at 21 weeks and five days gestation is making progress, despite the fact that his chance of survival was less than one percent. 

N.P. case prompts push for CPR changes - A man waking up in the middle of CPR prompts state board to consider changes to regulations surrounding treatment and sedation. Follow up to 'Experienced, trust worthy team at the heart of GPH...'

Healing hands - A new hand surgeon gives a patient the use of his hand back after the patient nearly cut it off

Patients, providers: DME program puts some at risk - Medicare says competitive bidding is a positive move for the durable medical equipment industry but equipment and medical providers beg to differ

Concerns on medical equipment cuts raised - Providers and business owners discuss how the negative impacts they've seen due to competitive bidding, while Medicare maintains the program is a success. A follow up to 'Patients, providers: DME program puts some at risk.' 

Baby only 21st case of rare disease - Juliet was perfect, until suddenly she quit growing. 

Saving limbs, saving lives - Amputation can increase mortality rates, which makes advanced wound care a vital service.

Hospice Series

What is hospice? - Many don't know what the program is, who qualifies or why it is beneficial 

A team approach ensures successful hospice care - A look at the people who make up our local hospice team, why they do it and how they cope

At area hospice, patients get busy living - A lot of people think hospice is about dying - that's not the case at all. 

GPH Hospice honors veterans - All hospice patients are treated with compassion and respect, but veterans are given special recognition 


Hospital gets new simulators

No injuries in i-80 wreck

He'll wobble his way into your heart

Special Delivery

Woman in critical condition after accident

Searching for a hero

Woman meets the man who saved her life 24 yeas ago

Authorities investigating fatal I80 collision

Mutton bustin'

Two injured in wreck on Newberry Access

Firefighters extinguish garage fire

Semi trailer catches fire on I-80

Crews fight fire at Holiday Inn Express


We won't forget - A look at the impact loss has on the community and how I feel about covering tragedies 

Diary of a Fat Reporter - After being rejected by insurance, I decide to take control of my health without surgery

We called her Sadie - A rescued kitten dies suddenly, but unlike most other stray cats she knew love

When the cold hits your soul - A look at my struggle with depression and the lack of open discussions about mental illness