As a little girl, I’d sit on the floor of my grandmother's apartment and make her write down stories about Power Rangers as I told them. I grew up surrounding myself with words - short stories, lines of poetry, high school newspaper articles but for some reason making those words into a career wasn’t obvious. 

I worked a few different jobs and in 2014 a bunch of stuff fell apart and some other stuff fell into place. Suddenly, I was a reporter. When I wasn't tapping out stories on the keyboard, I was usually at an event armed with a DSLR that I didn't really know how to use. Although I'd always enjoyed taking photos, this was way different from the little Fuji point and shoot that 14-year-old me thought was "professional." 

It took a lot of practice and my sports guy trying to explain aperture to me way too many times, but I've finally figured this whole photography thing out. This year, I was selected to be the official photographer for the 2017 Miss Nebraska pageant. I've photographed the pageant for the paper the last two years and I'm stoked to be doing it for the Miss Nebraska Organization. Take a look at my photography portfolio here.

I'm currently the Digital News Editor at the North Platte Telegraph where I keep our website up-to-date, run social media accounts and write stories on tons of different topics including health and education. I have a passion for telling stories whether it's with words or with photos and I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to keep the community I grew up in informed. You can check out some of samples of my articles and blog posts here

If you're interested in any of my services, please don't hesitate to contact me.